Air Conditioner Line

Innovative Technology at Work: Samsung AIR CONDITION LINE by Warehouse International Pvt. Ltd.

Air Conditioner Line

  • Location : Noida
  • Total Area : 4000 sqft
  • Project done By: Warehouse International Pvt. Ltd.
  • Project duration :90 Days
  • Client Name : samsung
  • Cost of Project : 3000000usd

Warehouse International Pvt. Ltd. proudly announces the successful completion of the AIR CONDITION LINE project for Samsung, a remarkable achievement that underscores our commitment to providing cutting-edge manufacturing solutions. This project exemplifies our dedication to precision, innovation, and efficiency, meeting the diverse needs of our esteemed client, Samsung.

The AIR CONDITION LINE project represents a significant stride in revolutionizing air conditioner manufacturing. Warehouse International, with its wealth of expertise, meticulously planned and executed the assembly line, ensuring each step is a testament to excellence. The project focused on the intricacies of assembly, adjustment, inspection, and testing  of the air conditioner’s design function.

The assembly line is a marvel of technology, employing automatic assembly equipment controlled by PLC (Programmable Logic Controller). This technology, coupled with double-speed chain transmission, forms the backbone of the assembly process. It is a versatile system utilized not only in air conditioning but also in various industries, including TV assembly lines, highlighting its adaptability and efficiency.

AIR CONDITION LINE Assembly Process:

The comprehensive assembly process begins with pre-assembly, progressing through final assembly, vacuuming, refrigerant charging. The safety and refrigeration performance are rigorously evaluated before proceeding to the final stages, including leak detection, labeling, and packaging.

In the manufacturing journey of an air conditioner, assembling work stands as the pivotal last step. The intricacies involved in the assembly process necessitate a sophisticated approach, and Warehouse International ensures that each air conditioner rolling off the AIR CONDITION LINE is a masterpiece of precision and functionality.

Additional Information:

During the manufacturing process of air conditioners, assembling work is the critical final step. The Automatic assembly line, a marvel of engineering, relies on double-speed chain transmission controlled by PLC. It finds applications not only in air conditioning but also in various industries.

The integration of safety checks, performance testing, and meticulous labeling ensures that each air conditioner produced is not just a product but a testament to the commitment to quality that defines Warehouse International’s approach to manufacturing excellence.


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